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Visitors of an exhibition space are suggested to 'do nothing' consists of creating an existential situation in which the visitors of an exhibition space are suggested to sit on a comfortable chair and to get paid for ‘doing nothing’. It deconstructs the idea of 'doing nothing' as losing time, the idea of productivity as valuable, and the possibility of being present to yourself as a class privilege.

You can engage in the experience of 'doing nothing' and be payed for it on an hourly basis. 

The experience takes place 'here' [in the space]. You can decide on the time you stay, you just have to know that that compensation is foreseen for the number of full hours. If you are interested, you will sign a contract. After doing nothing and getting paid, you will receive a proof of payment. 

All applicable taxes and social contributions have to be paid according to laws and regulations.

Visitors of an exhibition space are suggested to 'do nothing' is a (situational) (expanded) performance by artist Katya Ev. It will be enacted by the artist for the first time in December 2020

For future enactments the artist opens the possibility to any person to realise this performance, within the total finit number of 2000 and through a legal agreement including the  the artist's score and guidelines 


Katya Ev's particular interest in modes and forms of conservation of performance art evolves into experimental and moving re-enactment modalities, that embrace new circumstances and locations. Her approach questions how to frame the essence of a performative works in ways appropriate for sales, archives, transfers of authorship rights, reenactment, reproduction. ​