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Testimonial by Daniella Geo /

conversation with Katya Ev

"I was super tired, exhausted after such a long, intensive

year. To have that single moment to be able to ‘do

nothing’ felt as if I was on vacation. [...] it was a mixture of

feelings: since I was curator of the exhibition, I also had

some responsibilities as a host of the show."

“There was a strange moment. When I was ‘doing

nothing’ an art professional I knew came into the space

and addressed me. At that moment I got confused. I

thought: “Am I allowed to? What is the procedure here?”

The host came to me and asked ‘Are you doing nothing?’

and I felt like ‘No,’ and then he said ‘Okay, I am sorry, it’s

a breach of contract.’ At that moment, his authority came

into play.”

“When I told the host I was doing something, I was being

truthful to my understanding of ‘doing nothing’ in that

situation. But if I really wanted to problematise my own

experience and my own idea of what ‘doing nothing’

meant in that context, I would have to consider that I

broke the contract many times. Every time I expressed

my role as a curator, observing the visitors, observing

the host, observing even myself, was in a way already a

breach of contract."