doing nothing katya ev



Once the pilot version of 'Visitors of an exhibition space are suggested to ‘do nothing’ is realized by the artist (Brussels, December 2020), further enactments of the performance are delegated to whoever is interested upon a legal agreement*.

Delegated enactments

WHEREAS the Artist imagined a certain performance, and is willing to take risk to offer it completely for realization by someone else, out of curiosity to see what actual form it will take through geographies and times, and in order to experiment with a limit of her power on her own artwork;

WHEREAS the Enactor obtained possession of the present Agreement, and is willing to take a risk to realize the performance on behalf and upon the guidelines of the Artist, out of curiosity to see which form it will take given their vision and specific circumstances, and to experiment with the limit of their power on the artwork;

WHEREAS both Parties are willing to tickle ambiguities and paradoxes, legality and legalism through language and abstract models, as well as to take a legal position and to create a valid legal frame for the circulation and display of an immaterial artwork despite the extensive lacks within related legal common practices;

WHEREAS both Parties are willing to question ‘doing nothing’ through the prism of praxis and its well-known paradox;


WHEREAS both Parties are willing to attribute the symbolic value to the experience of ‘doing nothing’ by the monetary means; to give objective existence to ‘doing nothing’ through administrative documents and procedures;

WHEREAS both Parties are willing to deconstruct the possibility of being present to yourself as a class privilege and ‘doing nothing’ as losing time;


WHEREAS both Parties see the Agreement as an accord and bargain of mutual trust, risk and kindness and as a personal engagement that goes beyond conventional written contracts;

Both parties agree on the following:

The agreement contains the performance score and setup manual and regulates reproduction, distribution rights, and copyrights. ​The number of agreements is 2000. Each agreement allows only one enactment. The scope of time/ territory is unlimited.

The idea of delegating the realization of the performance comes from a desire to spread its emancipatory and generative potential - in which I (Katya Ev) profoundly believe - beyond my individual views and possibilities; and from a curiosity to explore the multiplicity of actual forms it will take through geographies and times.

* The agreement is co-produced by Caveat and lawyer Nicolas Crestani