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Testimonial by Mélanie Weill /

conversation with Katya Ev

“I stood behind this grey desk, and when people entered

I explained the performance, showed the contract and

told them about the frame of the performance. I seated

visitors on the chair and I was there the whole time they

were ‘doing nothing’. As the host, I also ‘did nothing’.”

“Some people were quite easily distracted, it was not

easy for them to ‘do nothing.’ As the host, I was very

careful to protect the bubble and create a safe space

for them [...] Because it was a public space, I had to tell

people “Please, do not come close, don’t observe the

person too much.” There were participants that went

into their own mind super quickly and I didn’t need to

do anything. There was a woman who even covered her

whole head… some people slept, so with them it was

really easy. Sometimes they made me very peaceful. I

was watching them and I saw they were enjoying ‘doing

nothing,’ super deep into their own inner space [...] there

was a sort of empathy between their state and mine.”

“I very explicitly told them ‘it should not be suffering, and

you can stop any time.’ It was also a ritual to accompany

them to the chair.”

“My very first experience as a host, with Steyn Bergs

as a visitor, was very striking—because of the setting.

The chair he sat on was right in front of me and our eyes

stared at each other for an hour. We were strangers

and it was really intense and awkward. So afterwards I

moved the chair so that it was in front of the window and

people looked outside.”